Free training at eCircle: Our offer for you!

Whether as a supplement to therapy or afterwards to secure and improve the success of therapy - free training in our SIXONE eCircle offers you many advantages.

Together with a therapist, your personal training plan is first created. Then you will be introduced to the operation of the digital training system and the exercises. Our modern eCircle equipment automatically adjusts to you. Furthermore, video instructions for your exercises are stored in your digital training plan. To ensure correct and safe training, one of our therapists is never far away.

Within our opening hours you can come for training at any time according to your personal schedule - without prior registration.

From now on we offer you our free training in the eCircle for the first 3 months (without contract commitment) at a price of only €56.00 per month. After that you can either sign up for a permanent contract (contract duration: 6 months, can be cancelled monthly thereafter) for €69.90 per month or an annual contract for €779.00.

Do you have any questions? You can reach us here. We look forward to hearing from you!