physiotherapy - modern, forward-looking and sustainable

At SIX ONE physioconcept, we use physiotherapy to treat limitations in mobility and strength, posture disorders and disorders of the supporting structure - whether after an operation or injury, due to pain conditions or overload. We are here to support you in achieving your health goals and show you strategies that also work in the long term.

We offer a wide range of therapeutic services, whether you have statutory or private health insurance, or are a self-payer!




Physiotherapy treatments are aimed at treating illnesses, injuries and functional disorders of the postural and locomotor system, the internal organs and the nervous system. Here at SIX ONE physioconcept, we work with you to find movements and exercises within the framework of physiotherapy that will do you good in the long term and help you to positively influence your complaints yourself. Under certain conditions, video treatment is also possible.


Physiotherapy- Central Nervous System is prescribed for people with damage to the central nervous system and may only be performed by certified therapists. In this type of neurological rehabilitation, we help you to maintain and regain bodily functions such as strength and balance so that you can go about your daily life in a more independent manner and with a better quality of life.

Manual therapy

With manual therapy, we support you in regaining more confidence in your body with a selection of active and passive techniques and in improving the interaction of the musculoskeletal system. In particular, this also applies to the so-called CMD treatment, in which our specially trained therapists restore the functionality of the temporomandibular joint by mobilising the upper cervical vertebral joints and the temporomandibular joint as well as by tension-regulating techniques of the cervical vertebrae and masticatory muscles.

Manual lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage helps to decongest the tissue and supports the pumping function of the vascular system, whether after an operation or due to chronic complaints.

Massage therapy

As a support to physiotherapy or manual therapy, classical massages can help to promote blood circulation and metabolism, relieve pain in the short term and increase general well-being.