Training therapy - free training - personal training

You have completed your physiotherapy treatment with us and would like to build on what you have achieved or actively do something for your health? We offer you the opportunity to train on modern equipment in our inviting training area. You will be supported by our sports therapists and our personal trainer so that you can achieve your long-term goals and increase your physical performance - in individual training or flexible free training.

Training therapy

In training therapy, we work with you to create an individual training plan for you based on your wishes and our computer-assisted spinal analysis. With the spinal column analysis, we can specifically measure limitations in the strength and mobility of your spine with an initial measurement and derive sensible exercises for you from this.

Each training session is accompanied by a trainer to guarantee correct and safe training. After each training cycle, a further analysis is carried out to record the training successes and to adapt the training plan.

Free training

Whether as a supplement to therapy or afterwards to secure and improve therapy successes - free training in our SIXONE eCircle offers you several advantages.

Flexible timing

Within our opening hours you can come to the training at any time according to your personal schedule - without prior registration.


Through our digital training management system, your exercises are stored and thus the training results are trackable.


Your personal training plan is created together with a therapist or trainer.


You will be introduced to the operation of the training system and the exercises by our trainers and therapists. To ensure correct and safe training, one of our therapists is never far away.

Easy to use

Our modern eCircle equipment automatically adjusts to you. Furthermore, video instructions for your exercises are stored in your digital training plan. 

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Personal Training

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also offer personal training. With our personal trainer Graham Dean, you can achieve your sporting goals in a targeted and efficient manner.

Personal training with us includes:

   ● Training here in the centre or outside
   ● Muscle building
   ● Weight reduction
   ● Nutritional counselling
   ● Health and more energy in everyday life

Your personal trainer: Graham Dean


   ● Completed sports studies (MSc) in Great Britain
   ● Professional sports trainer, diploma in South Africa
   ● Certificate from the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation
   ● Certificates (multiple courses) in the use of PRI in fitness and sport from the
      Postural Restoration Institute

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Our training videos - exercises for at home and on the road

Glute Bridge
One Leg Glute Bridge
Chin Tuck into Abdominal Crunch
Prone "Swimming" - Crawl/Butterfly
All-Fours Scapular Push Up into Bird Dog
Sidelying Hip Raise
Hip Abduction
The Complete Mat Programme
One Leg Glute Bridge Progressions
Side Plank Progressions
The Bear Position
Backwards Lunge
Inline Lunge
Hip Hinge Progression into Deadlift