Ostheopathy - a holistic treatment method

Osteopathy has been of great importance in our physiotherapy centre in Berlin-Mitte for many years. It can be a useful addition to classical physiotherapy and covers a wide range of treatments. Osteopathy is a holistic treatment method that is carried out manually, i.e. by hand. It belongs to alternative medicine.

The 3 pillars of osteopathy

At our clinic, osteopathic techniques are applied to all areas of medicine:


Visceral Osteopathy:
Internal organs

Here the focus is on the internal organs. From an osteopathic point of view, each organ has its own movement and must be able to adapt its position to the body's activity. Only if this mobility can take place without restriction is the undisturbed function of the organ possible. Malfunctions can occur, for example, as a result of operations, inflammations or incorrect stresses.

Parietal osteopathy:
Musculoskeletal system

Parietal osteopathy focuses on all disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This concerns joints (as in osteoarthritis), the spine (blockages, intervertebral disc problems), muscles (trigger points, tension) and the surrounding fasciae, tendons and ligaments.

Craniosacral osteopathy:
Between the skull and sacrum

It establishes an important connection between the skull (cranium) and the sacrum (sacrum). The inelastic meninges run from the head around the spinal cord down to the sacrum. All the structures in between (head, spine, nervous system and pelvis) influence each other. For example, misalignments of the sacrum can lead to headaches.

Our Osteopath: Daniel Arenz

Daniel Arenz is an osteopath, alternative practitioner and physiotherapist with passion and heart. He has been demonstrating his professional expertise and experience in our physiotherapy centre since 2008. His primary goal as an osteopath is to optimise the self-healing and regulatory powers of his patients. To achieve this, he specifically looks for structures in osteopathic treatment that restrict or strain these self-healing powers. In osteopathic treatment, these structures can then be treated to give the body the opportunity to regulate itself.

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Qualification & Experience

  ● Osteopath with BAO degree after 5 years of study at the Osteopathie Schule
     Deutschland (OSD) in Berlin
  ● State-certified non-medical practitioner
  ● State-accredited physiotherapist
  ● Medically certified lymph drainage therapist
  ● Medically certified oedema therapist
  ● Certified "FRC Mobility Specialist" for FRC - Functional Range Conditioning®.

Daniel Arenz regularly takes part in further education and training to ensure the quality and effectiveness of osteopathic treatment.

Statements of account

Privately insured persons and civil servants eligible for assistance are usually reimbursed for the costs of osteopathic treatment, depending on the chosen tariff. Statutory health insurance funds do not usually cover the costs of treatment. Since the beginning of 2012, however, some statutory health insurers have decided to subsidise osteopathic treatments.

Please ask your health insurance company whether they will subsidise your osteopathic treatments.