alternative medicine


Alternative practitioner services at SIX ONE Physio Concept

Did you know that some of our therapists can and are allowed to carry out findings independently as non-medical practitioners? So far, two of our therapists have been trained as non-medical practitioners or so-called sectoral non-medical practitioners for physiotherapy. Both qualifications enable us to offer you diagnostics, prescription writing and therapy from a single source. In certain cases, it is therefore not absolutely necessary to go to the doctor and you can contact our alternative practitioners or sectoral alternative practitioners for physiotherapy directly for acute complaints.


Alternative practitioner

    ● Examination & Counselling
    ● Osteopathy
    ● Manual treatment techniques
    ● Ultrasound
    ● Stimulation current treatment
    ● Manual lymphatic drainage
    ● Respiratory therapy techniques
    ● Physiotherapeutic method

Sectoral alternative practitioner for physiotherapy

    ● Examination & consultation
    ● Physiotherapeutic methods
    ● Manual lymphatic drainage
    ● Respiratory therapy methods
    ● Manual treatment techniques

Accounting and reimbursement of costs

The services of a non-medical practitioner or sectoral non-medical practitioner for physiotherapy are charged according to the fee schedule for non-medical practitioners (GebüH /Hufeland). So far, they are not covered by the statutory health insurance funds. Our alternative practitioner services are therefore purely self-paying for those with statutory health insurance.

If you are privately insured, you can claim reimbursement from your private insurance (if your contract covers alternative practitioner services) or from your private supplementary insurance for alternative practitioner services. To clarify the possibilities of cost coverage, please contact your supplementary insurance or your private health insurance before the start of treatment.